Shooting control in the Douro – removing what is not necessary for the vine

Every year after the harvest, the vines go through a dormant phase. At the end of the winter, this dormant phase finishes and the new shooting comes out from the bud breaks selected during pruning. Most of the time, the vines shooting is excesive as growing all this new steams is a heavy task for the vine. We need to control it and take out those shoots that are not necessary for the vine. The more we reduce the shooting, and consequently the lower the production will be, the better is the quality. The balance is found when leaving around 4 to 6 bunches per vine, which at harvest time will mean around 1kg of fruit.

Last week we were controlling and taking out the extra shoots from the vines of Quinta da Trovisca. I made a small video for you to better understand. Let me know your comments and questions. It may take few days, but you know I always reply your comments!