Signing a contract when getting a double-magnum(3L) or imperial(6L) of Quinta Vale D’Agodinho 2008 Vintage Port

Quinta Vale d'Agodinho 2008 Vintage Port

For the first time in Quevedo’s history, we bottled double-magnums (3L) and imperials (6L) of a Vintage Port. The chosen Port Wine for this exclusive limited edition (20 units each) was our 2008 Quinta Vale d’Agodinho Vintage Port as this is also the first Single Quinta Vintage Port we release. All the process has been hand-made: bottled and corked by my university friends when they came for the harvest in the second week-end of October; labeled two days ago just in time for the first export of 4 units; and, of course, handcrafted waxing.

Apart from the size of the bottles, there is something cool that I would like to show you. It’s about the back-label, as it’s very unusual. Last September 27th, when Julian Wiseman visited our winery, together with other Port fellows, he suggested me to put a kind of contract in the back-label. Take a look and let me know what you think! What does this contract make you feel? Does it change anything in your wish of having one of these bottles?

ThaQuinta Vale d'Agodinho Vintage 2008 6Lnk you to Julian for your idea and for writing the text. Also take a look at what Julian wrote on his website about the “contract” and please read the “Enforceability” text!