Single varietal Port experiment – it we get something excellent we will bottle it!

5 different single-varietal PortsSome of you have probably noticed while reading our blog. We are making some experiments with single-varietal Port Wine. I’m sure many other producers have already made it. Maybe you have already tasted a single-varietal Port. But for us at Quevedo is the first time we are making it in a full dedicated way. And if the result is good, this is, if the Ports we get are special, we intend to make an exclusive release of these wines. Indeed, very exclusive, since we only expect to have around 250 bottles of each varietal.

All the grapes were harvested last Saturday, September 26th by my friends from the University in Quinta da Trovisca. Each year, they come over to help us on multiple tasks. This year we decided to make something different and they were amazing taking this project over and without them it would have been quite difficult to succeed.

How did it work? We created five different groups,: Touriga Nacional, Tinto Cão, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz and Sousão. Each group with 3 or four participants, responsible for the harvest, crush and tread of the grapes.

Now the fermentation of all the varietals has already been stopped. The musts are fortified and by tomorrow we should move it to 250 litters barrels, where they will age for a few years (we don’t know exactly for how much). Probably they will be bottled.

We started this idea for fun and to develop and enrich the community’s knowledge about Port. So if you are hanging out around, stop by us and we will show you this experiment.

So far Roriz is my prefeared single varietal