Tasting Port Wine and Douro Wine in Hong Kong

I will start this post asking you where in the earth have you seen a video like this. Do you remember? Thank you regular reader of this blog. You are right, it was a couple of months ago and at that time we made a Summer Quevedo Port Wine tasting in Denmark.

This one was made in Hong Kong during a tasting/dinner of Quevedo wines, in the restaurant La Cucina Italiana. As last week took place in Hong Kong the International Wine & Spirit Fair, we decided to set up a tasting for the natives. Nice people. Really lovers of wine as much as Port.

Although HK is quite small, with only 7 million habitants, the wine market is growing very fast, at around 20% yearly for the last 6 or 7 years. France is the main supplier of wines, followed closely by Australia, both representing over 50% of the market. The offer of Portuguese wines is weak, though people seem interested when they taste it. With regards to Port Wine, it is very often to find a bottle in a good restaurant, a bar or a hotel. Taylor is probably the brand I saw more often.

If you did not see the video yet, take a look and enjoy listening to the Hong Kong people pronuncing Quevedo. BTW, it is not easy for them to say the “Que” but they did a very good job!