The 10 Secret Ingredients of a Porto Quevedo

Rabelo Boat in The Douro RiverOne could say that a bottle of Quevedo is just made of grapes and barrels and wisdom and time. But the truth is that there is much more than that…

1 – The siestas of Grandpa João in the van just after lunch

2 – The endless pots of “rancho” in the Quinta Vale D’Agodinho

3 – Óscar’s hope of inventing the day with 30 hours with 90 minutes

4 – Claudia’s way of making everyone do what she wants without even noticing that she had asked

5 – Óscar’s mother kisses before we go to bed

6 – Uncle Mario’s barbecues in harvest evenings; and the chicken that was saved by a lock

7 – The absurd bicycle rides in September dawns

8 – Beatriz‘s magic smile while sleeping

9 – Óscar’s father strategy in domino games

10 – Ah, and our dive in the Douro river in the first morning of this year

Idea for a cocktail: mixa glass of Quevedo LBV with one of this stories, and look in the colour, the nose and the mouth the taste of the episode… if you wish, send us your tasting notes!