Wine Bloggers meetings and conferences – from Online Conversations to Offline Tastings

Budbreak - as the bloggers meetings, also the vine is prepearing for the long summerMy life has been changing a little bit since we started this blog, 9 months ago. The best part is that the subject you write about is related with wine, so it is not difficult to imagine how much fun you end up having. Some of the most interesting moments happen when we meet offline the people with who we talk online. I always try to participate or to make this offline meetings happen because its the best way to strength a friendship.

I want to share with you the upcoming meetings I have already arranged for the next months:

  • Friday April 24th, Catavino and are organizing the first Twitter Taste Live in Spanish. I will participate from the Madrid room, where I hope to meet a dozen of wine bloggers
  • Beginning of May we will have the honor to receive in our winery the visit of Mr. Roy Hersh, a leading Port Wine authority, and some other participants of the forum ForTheLoveOfPort
  • During the Vinexpo wine fair, in Bordeaux, the French blogger Emmanuelle Dupéré from the Blog Dupéré Barrera is organizing a meeting in Chateau Luchey-haide
  • Last week-end of June some new friends who I met also in the forum ForTheLoveOfPort (as you can see not just a great place to learn about Port but also to meet wine lovers) will come to visit us; some tastings of ours and other Port producers Ports will take place
  • End of July, starting on my birthday, the 24th, will take place in Sonoma and Napa, California, the American Wine Bloggers Conference. I am not sure if I will make it but I would love to go… maybe is my birthday gift!
  • And at the end of October, in Lisbon the insuperable team Opaz & McIntosh with the collaboration of the buddies from Adegga will put up the second edition of the European Wine Bloggers Conference

As you see the bloggers’ meeting season is about to start. If you want to meet somewhere, just have to drop a line!

Oscar Quevedo