Wine in an one-glass bag; is this what modern consumer wants?

Wine in one glass tube, is this the way to go?This is an easy photo, does not need much explanation. Last week, while we were exhibiting at the LIWF, in London, a friend came to my booth and showed me this bag. At the beginning I thought that this was a great idea, making the consumption of wine easier. People can easily carry this bag to anywhere, even on board of a airplane. But after reflecting for some days, I’m now asking in which circumstances would I open this bag? In a restaurant or at a friends place? Would I bring it to the office or to my holidays trip?? Hummm, no, I would not do it. Actually, I don’t know when I would open this Sangiovese oneglass bag… maybe at home, if I was alone!

Anyone can help and give me some suggestions?