Wine tasting is fashion

Wine is FashionThe other day I was at work and my colleague Ame started talking about wines. At the beginning, I just stood there listening attentively. She was explaining that she started liking wines thanks to a wine tasting. Before that day she wouldn’t drink wine because she’d relate it to old people but that night changed everything.

The hostess of the event decided to turn the occasion into a nearly-professional tasting and she prepared questionnaires with a guide for beginners (“How’s the consistency of the wine? Is it clean? How does the tear of the wine fall along the cup? Quickly? Slowly? …”).

Every guest would bring a bottle wrapped with aluminum foil (to avoid that the brand or the label could influence the analysis) and the menu was closed: Appetizers; First course, a goat cheese salad; Main course, mushroom Lasagna and brownie with vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

When Ame arrived she noticed only two of the guests knew a little bit about wines, the rest were all absolute starters (she wasn’t alone in the challenge!). They started the wine taste with an assortment of breads and Spanish ham (although they were told not to eat too much of this last one in order to maintain pure the flavor and aroma of the wine). The host started to talk about the appearance of the wine and gave some tips about the possible characteristics they could appreciate. Then they started smelling the aroma. Ame said she found it really difficult to define the aromas herself so she listened carefully the indications of the host. After, they tasted the wine. They repeated this procedure for each of the wines they had (6 in total). When they finished the last one, they poured a cup of each of the wines and decided to grade them. The fourth one resulted to be the best for her and when they tore off the aluminum foil… SURPRISE! It was the cheapest one! It was understandable, for beginners easy drinking wines (and therefore more “mass market” ones) are better. Ame said that in the following blind wine tastings she attended, she started to like more elaborated wines and now she’s nearly an expert!

The event turned out to be a complete success. It seems funny how such an ancient thing can turn out to be a “fashion” thing.  At the end I couldn’t contain myself and I told her about Quevedo and the winery. She said she would love to visit the Douro so probably in a couple of months we’ll go together to S. João da Pesqueira and show her the origins of the Port Wine. But before we are going to organize a wine tasting at my house with Oscar (Jr.) as our host, to enjoy the particularities of the Quevedo wines. I hope it’s a complete success!

Be happy and till the next post!

Nadia Adria