Works at the winery – what comes next?

What are we building in front of our winery?This is a photo of the area around our winery. In the last weeks we have been working in this area. At the same time, in the edge, we have planted some olive trees.  My question for you is: what will we do in this area? Tip: until some months ago there were red vines here.

The first to guess it will get a free bottle of Quevedo Rose Port next time he/she visit us!


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  • Derek mossman

    Hospitality center like Gallo and Choncha y Toro? Just kidding– new granite fermentation tanks? Djmk

  • Joao Sarmento

    A proper cage for the ferocious beasts you feed?

  • Andy Velebil

    I was going to mention the beasts that roam the vineyard, but Joao beat me too it.

    I’ll guess that some white grapes will be planted to further the White Port trend.

  • Oscar Quevedo

    No correct answers yet, but I like the idea of the hospitality center!!!

  • Andy Velebil

    Your going to build a large swimming pool with a swim up bar where we can sip your Ports and Wine’s :)

    Ok Ok, seriously, building an area to process olives for olive oil? The pool option would be nice though LOL.

  • Andy Velebil

    Ok, I think I figured it out. Your going to build a small hotel or bed and breakfast so people can stay at the Quinta. Am I close?

  • oscar

    No Andy, but you are getting closer! We are actually rebuilding my great-grandparents house in Valongo dos Azeites, 15km away from Pesqueira. Well, it seems you’ll make me write a post about it!!!

  • A dica é uma ajuda ou uma rasteira?

  • oscar

    É uma ajuda, sem dúvida!

  • You are going to build a “Tasting Room” where you show all your wines, kind of fame wall and make assisted tastings and tours?

  • Oscar Quevedo

    Hi José, we already have a tasting room, on the right side of the building at the bottom you see on the picture! So that is not yet the correct answer.

    Actually we will use some concrete but in something simpler and cheaper…

  • Vão construir um lagar.

  • http://[email protected] Jeff

    Clearly it’s the new cigar room.

  • I am fighting hard for that bottle!!!
    …An “olive yard”…

  • Oscar Quevedo

    You’re close Jeff!!!

    No Silvio, there are some olive trees but only for decoration!

  • andy velebil

    Ah, must be a new barrel room then. Am I close?

  • Oscar Quevedo

    All we will do is a car parking… sorry, I probably failed to live up to your expectations! However, you made some interesting suggestions (some silly as well but that’s part of the game!!!) and something to consider in the future to build in other places! So the bottle of Rose Port will stay at the winery, but if you visit us I’ll make sure you try it anyways!

  • andy velebil

    A car park! LOL. And here we all thought it was some grand building or such.

    But I still like my idea of a pool with a swim-up bar where we can sip your Ports and wines while relaxing the day away :=)

  • Jorge Belo Rosa

    O próximo passo é a montagem de 2 destilaria. Uma para o fabrico de Aguardente Bagaceira, aproveitando o engaço da uva e outra para o fabrico de Aguardente Vínica, aproveitando-se assim as Aguas pés e vinhos de ultima esprema ( de mau gosto e ” carregados ” de taninos ) .