10 Ways of Celebrating the end of the Harvest

Cheers DaniAfter picking up the last grapes, in Quevedo we are planing to do some activities to relax our muscles after the hard work. For those who have never harvested in the Douro, these may seem extreme sports; for us are a just a fun entertainment:

  1. To swim in the Douro river against the flow, towards its source in Duruelo de la Sierra, Spain
  2. To sail in the Douro, rowing on empty barrels from Ferradosa to the outlet in Porto
  3. To run the Cima-Corgo marathon from S. João da Pesqueira to Pocinho
  4. To prune 100 vines with our teeth
  5. To defy S. Joao da Pesqueira’s #1 dominoes player for a duel out of seven matches
  6. To practice “scuba diving” in the wine bins to control the fermentation process
  7. To take L’amour (our mighty dog) out for a walk in the center of Pesqueira without a muzzle
  8. To plant an hectare of vines with a hoe and a spade
  9. To tow the train of the 3pm from Pinhão to Alegria with two friends
  10. And this one’s for you to fill…. what do you suggest?

Top 9 elaborated by Joana, António and Pedro

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  1. Miguel Jesus Friday October 23rd, 2009 | reply
    i think you'll have a really hard time on point 5 if you wish to win! :) for a 10th point... well, i would suggest a parachute jump over Porto with some Oscar's bottles on your back, to land on Praça dos Aliados and then we would meet you and go get a francesinha :P
  2. oscar Sunday October 25th, 2009 | reply
    Hi Miguel! You have a good understanding of how hard is to live in the Douro! The idea of the parachute is great, though I have never done that. And Oscar's can definitively pair well with a francesinha!
  3. Axel Probst Thursday November 19th, 2009 | reply
    I would do the swimming in the Douro and the wine planting. Some heavy port tasting afterwards. All the best Axel

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