2007 Vintage Port Declaration – The opinion of Axel Probst

The general declaration of the Vintage Port 2007 by several producers, has attracting the attention of many specialists’ all around the world. We at Quevedo have also declared the Vintage 2007 and some Port Wine critics or simply lovers of the Douro and its juices, are coming to our winery to try our 07. One of the last were Axel Probst from the World of Port and Thomas Kern. It was the first time both came over. They also spent some time visiting other producers and enjoying different Douro and Port Wines, always trying to taste the Vintage 2007 of those producers who declared.

Axel is organizing a Vintage 2007 tasting in Germany for next February and it’s specially sensitive to this last declaration. He has tasted several Vintages 07 and is in good condition to give as a broad opinion about it.

Click on the video and listen to Axel’s comments.


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  1. Stefan Mueller Monday August 3rd, 2009 | reply
    Hi Folks, hi Oscar I like it a lot that now a German is standing up to promote Port. Long time overdue, I think. Well done. And I will definitely be at the tasting on Feb 12th Best Stefan

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