2008 Quinta Vale d’Agodinho Quevedo Vintage Port

Vintage 2008During the last month we have been busy not only making newest wine from harvest this but also preparing the bottling of a Port Wine from 2008 harvest. We had in our winery a small blend of Ports from our main vineyard, Quinta Vale d’Agodinho, which we decided to declare as Single Quinta Vintage Port. Ports from 2008 are in my opinion very good but not deserving a declaration under our main brand Quevedo. However, we wanted to show and share with our friends the character and complexity of the grapes from Quinta Vale d’Agodinho. This way we decided to bottles a reduced number of bottles in 75cl, 150cl, 300cl and 600cl formats. This is the first time we are declaring a Single Quinta Vintage Port and if you want to enjoy it I’m glad to share a couple of glasses with you during your next visit to our winery!

Come over, you won’t regret!


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  1. Gerwin de Graaf Thursday October 14th, 2010 | reply
    Hi Oscar! Looks good, the 2008 SQ VP! Will you be bringing over some Magnums of this one on your next visit to the Netherlands? Did you finish this years harvest yet, or are you all still in the middle of it? Hope to see you again sometime soon! Best regards, Gerwin and family
  2. oscar Thursday October 14th, 2010 | reply
    Hi Gerwin, the harvest is about to finish, we may collect everything by next Saturday. I hope I can find some room in my luggage for the magnum, I've to share it with your family! Oscar
  3. cynthia Friday October 15th, 2010 | reply
    Good luck finishing up the harvest, Oscar, have been thinking of you, passed by Vale d'Agodinho several times the past couple weeks en route to Vesuvio and thereabouts, have some nice photos taken from train line. Take care.
  4. Andy Velebil Saturday October 16th, 2010 | reply
    Having had this Port twice (both times double blind) in the past few weeks I can say it is very good. Both times my scores were consistent (taken one week apart) at 93-94 points. A very deserving Port...keep up the good work! Andy

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