2010 Harvest: this is the week for us to start harvesting

DSCN1220Were you in the Douro and I’m sure you could feel that harvest is getting closer. You can already breath harvest air, people are getting more and more excited about picking up grapes. The new vintage is in the mouth of everybody across the valley. Now, everybody is looking for the best moment to start collecting the grapes.

After another maturity control conducted last September 2nd, we can say that in few days we will start receiving grapes in our winery. This control was made right after few hours of rain, in Quinta da Mós, Douro Superior. As usual, old vines are showing higher sugar content, while new vines need some extra days in the vines.

These are the levels of potential alcohol for our grapes from Quinta das Mós:

Date               Old vines         Young vines

2010/9/2………. 13.6%                    12.1%

2010/8/23…….. 12.5%                     9.8%

Any comments about the potential alcohol for late this week? A bottle of 2010 Vintage Port will be given for those who guess the levels of alcohol on the first day of harvesting, in both old and young vines. Hint: old vines shall be harvest two days earlier than young vines.

Last year we started harvesting this vineyard on September 2nd, with 15% potential alcohol. In 2010 we are probably starting one week later.


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  1. Tom Archer Tuesday September 7th, 2010 | reply
    OK Oscar I'll have a guess: Old vines 14.1% Young vines 13.4% Did you get any more rain over the last couple of days?
  2. Oscar Quevedo Monday September 13th, 2010 | reply
    Hi Tom, As you're not that far from the real figures, and as you're the only only sharing your guess, seems fair to give you half a bottle of the 2010 Vintage Port!
  3. Tom Archer Wednesday September 15th, 2010 | reply
    Thanks Oscar.. ..I'll look forward to it!

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