2011 harvest update after raining in the Douro valley

DSCN1428There are some developments in the last stage of the grape ripeness, few days before harvest starts. Last Sunday night it rained heavily in the Douro valley. This rain was very welcome as it did not damaged the berries and irrigated the dry soils of the vineyards. With this extra humidity in the soil, grapes will last a little bit longer in the vines before we start collecting them, what shall happen right in the beginning of September.

Due to the very hot days of the last weeks, with no rainfall, this unexpected water will stop some hydric stress that vines could be suffering, at the same time that it allows the phenolic ripeness to finish. Some producers have already started harvesting white grapes but as far as I know no the red grapes. We shall not begin before September 5th. But as usual, I will keep you posted about what is going on in the Douro! Just stay tuned!


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