2014 Harvest outlook for the Douro

2014 Harvest outlook for the Douro

The year of 2014 may be a great year for the production of wine and Port in the Douro. Some of the critical factors that contribute for above the average harvest are aligned, but it is still quite early to be conclusive. Among the positive factors:

  • Rainy season with precipitation spread during the months of Winter and Spring; we had regular rainfall in pretty much all months so far which means better penetration and irrigation of the soil;
  • Cold Winter with sporadic snow;
  • Smaller crop forecasted – large quantities of grapes never help quality – low temperatures and humidity during flowering this year has reduced the number of fertilised berries and thus the overall quantity of grapes;

In terms of quantity we expect to have pretty much the same quantity as in 2013, and in general, I guess there will be no major fluctuations in terms of the whole Douro valley. In terms of Port, the total amount to be produced was not yet disclosed by the IVDP – Port and Douro Wines Institute, but our guess is that it will be in line with last year’s 100.000 pipes of must (which is slightly more that 62 million liters of Port) set to 105.000 pipes of must.

However, there are always setbacks for those working on a business that depends so much on nature. The main problem would be related with temperature: a long period of well below or well above the average temperatures could spoil the crop. In the case of the former it would mean full ripeness of the grapes wouldn’t be achieved or if the latter happens could mean sun burned grapes or severe water stress of the vine. If temperatures follow a normal pattern and if we have some rain showers in August then we will have hopefully have a very good reason to smile.



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