A word to the month of May

May brought to Quevedo lots of good news. May, the month of strong storms and rains in the Douro, that in some years destroy our crop, was, this year, also a month of bonanza. We found distribution for our Port Wine in 3 new markets: Finland, Latvia and Brazil. Our big mission for 2011 was to find an importer in Brazil, as we really wanted to find a good partner there. I was there in April at Expovinis, in Sao Paulo, trying to understand this market and looking for options in terms of distribution. So, it was no big surprise when we saw the first order coming.

On the other side, Finland and Latvia were, honestly, unexpected. We had made some contacts in Finland in the past but nothing very serious. And then Latvia. What, really? So you guys really want our Ports! What a surprise! I’m very much looking forward to see how the sales will evolve, as Latvia represents not even 0.1% of Port Wine total sales.

But we made it and now, if you live in any of these countries, you can already enjoy our Ports! Once you find the right partner you realize that all that hard work, trips to here and there, emails sent, messages received, were well worth each minute of our time. And I feel like I’ve accomplished a big mission! But 2011 is not over and other tasks lie ahead, especially, to paint the house of Quinta Vale d’Agodinho!


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