Brazil, the new destination for Quevedo wines

Flight to São Paulo my first time in Brazil

For those who read a post I wrote here about our goals for 2011, you may still remember that one of our missions for 2011 is to find an importer for our wines in Brazil. Since the time I wrote that post, on November 26th, we have already had some contacts with people in Brazil, but nothing very serious really happened. So we still have to fix it. I hope my visit to Brazil to exhibit our wines at Expovinis, in São Paulo, during this week, between the 26th and 28th of April, can finally open us the door of the biggest economy of Latin America.

We are also complementing our visit to Expovinis with other activities, first by participating in the wine tastings organized by the IVDP in São Paulo and Curitiba and also by giving a tasting of our wines to a group of private wine lovers, in São Paulo, an event organized by my friend Luiz Alberto from The Wine Hub and Marcelo Vieira from Meu Estudio.

Many people say that Brazil is getting riskier in terms of payments and also mention that most of the importers are already representing Portuguese producers. But this won’t prevent us to try our luck, I will not  give up. Someone in the country of the football and beaches must be waiting for a producer like us.

So Brazil, there we goooooo!


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  1. Antonio Quevedo Thursday December 1st, 2011 | reply
    Demorou Portugal!!!  Aqui no Brasil existem muitas famílias com o sobrenome Quevedo. Tenho absoluta certeza que muitos brasileiros com este sobrenome comprariam esta marca com o objetivo  de  presentear conhecidos e amigos, além de apreciarem oque parece ser um bom vinho (ainda não conheço). Acho que este seria um aspecto comercial inicial, muito interessante para os produtores.  Um forte abraço e muito sucesso nesta empreitada            Antonio Quevedo      Osasco - São Paulo - Brasil         Tel. (011) 7156.3010 -  e-mail- [email protected]
    • Anonymous Sunday December 4th, 2011 | reply
      Olá António, não fazia ideia que havia tantos Quevedo no Brasil. Oxalá isso ajude a lançar a nossa marca aí. Seria muito bom! Obrigado pela sugestão! Oscar 2011/12/1 Disqus

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