Brief report about Harvest 2010

2010 harvest grapes arriving to Quevedo winery

On the 11th day of harvest, here I leave some comments about the current situation:

  • the weather is good, dry and clear, with temperatures between 20º to 30º – still okay to swim in the Douro river
  • day after day musts are showing deeper and deeper colors – best indicator is the skin of my hand, which is getting black
  • during the first days, grape juice tasted like strawberries, now is tasting like blackberries – one day it will taste like good Port Wine
  • the winery is getting full of grapes and there is a lot of work to do – my sister told me she doesn’t want to hear about orders, at least, until after Christmas
  • so far trucks, vans and cars are running good – only one tractor had a flat tire
  • we haven’t received visits from other producers in the last days – this means many people are already harvesting
  • yesterday my 2 years-old niece wanted to try same grapes from the vines around the winery, but she didn’t find very sweet – here is the scientific explanation why not to harvest these grapes before October


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  1. Andy Velebil Tuesday September 21st, 2010 | reply
    Hi Oscar, Thanks for the updates. I'm hearing some very good things about this years harvest and I also heard the weather is forecast to be good in the coming week. Lets hope all continues to go well. See you soon Andy V
  2. Bregt Wednesday September 22nd, 2010 | reply
    Getting black hands!? Wow, that's intense. Pity we can't help. Good to hear it is going so well.
  3. Axel Probst Saturday September 25th, 2010 | reply
    Thanks for the input, Oscar. I am looking forward to meeting you again and tasting the ports. Um abraco Axel

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