Cable car in Vila Nova de Gaia – great view over the city of Porto and Port Wine lodges

After the big changes witnessed last decade in the regions of Algarve and Madeira, during which these two Portuguese regions became appealing places for tourists, now is the time for Lisbon and Porto to embrace the second phase. For Porto, one of the most important attraction for the tourists is the Port Wine history, and of course, the possibility to visit cellars and lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia. In spite of the long way to achieve perfection, the overall quality of the public facilities, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, museums and Port lodges included, is increasing quickly, as more and more people are visiting Porto. Porto’s airport recorded in 2011 a total of 6 million passengers. During the first two months of 2012 the number of passengers in Porto’s airport increased by 6.3%, when compared with the same period of 2011, with thousands more expected to arrive by ship and by car. If you have not visit Porto for over 5 or 7 years you will find a much different city, for better!

Last year a new transport – cable car – started operating in Vila Nova de Gaia, right across the Luiz I bridge, connecting Jardim do Morro to Cais de Gaia. The whole trip, which last for some minutes, gives us a wonderful view of the old Porto area, the Port Wine lodges in Gaia as well as a view of the remarkable Luiz I bridgefrom 1886. I’ve recently made a video inside of a cabin in which I try to show a little of what you can find. Sunset time is, in my opinion, the best period to ride the cable car. Not sure whether you can take your glass of Port on board, but I’m sure it would taste so good!! Also, the upper entrance of the cable car is connected to the metro, which stops at Jardim do Morro, right after Luiz I bridge. And the lower entrance  is a couple of hundred meters away from Quevedo’s lodge, in Rua de Santa Marinha 77. Come to say hello when you are around!


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  1. Escape Hunter Sunday July 27th, 2014 | reply
    It was a lovely cable car/aerial tramway trip. I tried it recently. It spares you time and it also offers great views!

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