Café China combines Port and Chinese cuisine in NYC

Three years after making the first contacts to have our wines and Ports available in New York, we found Washington Square Wines to represent us. Jeffrey Ghi and Subir Grewal, the owners of the company founded last year, are passionate about Port and wine in general. When you put passion on what you do, the results sooner or later show up and they are actually making an outstanding job, fighting like gladiators in the overcrowded and competitive NYC wine market.
One of the most recent missions accomplished was to get our LBV Port in Café China, a Michelin starred restaurant. In case you don’t have the opportunity to visit the restaurant soon and see with your eyes, we have a report from Sinovision, a TV station for Chinese people in America, talking about some of the wines the restaurant is carrying. One of the wines featured is our 2006 LBV Port, with valuable food suggestions for Chinese food lovers.
Thank you Jeff and Subir!


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