S. João da Pesqueira – what changed in the last 30 years

This week was my 30th anniversary, and maybe because 30 is a round number that ends with a zero, I felt I needed to share with you some thoughts I had before going to bed on this July 24th. I spent the day READ MORE

Harvard University hosts a seminar about the Douro and Port Wine

Today I was in one of those places that you don’t really know if you will ever have a chance to visit during your life, though you know that you really wanted to. It is a well respected place, for its history, tradition READ MORE

Francisco de Quevedo, the Spanish writer of the XVII century

Those who have searched for Quevedo on a web search engine, have already noticed that there is a prominent writer with the same name of this family, Quevedo. Fracisco de Quevedo is not dedicated to winemaking but literature, as he was one of READ MORE

Three things that make the Douro special in the eyes of Thomas Kern

Between late 2009 and June 2010 I had a kind of bi-weekly ritual of organizing wine tasting dinners during which we used to discover more about the wines not only made in the Douro, but also in other regions of Portugal and of READ MORE

An old bottle of Port Wine made by the family half century ago

Fifty years ago today, my great grand-father Raúl passed away in Valongo dos Azeites, a village 15 kms away from S. Joao da Pesqueira. His passion for viticulture and winemaking tremendously influenced my father. I never met Avô Raúl, the father of my READ MORE

Tasting 1827 Villar d’Allen Port: the origins of Quinta do Noval

Contrarily to what my friends say, my job is not always easy. I work hard throughout the year, but the harvest is by far the most challenging. Sleeping is cut to a minimum, and at the end of the harvest, I’ll be thinner READ MORE

Practicing the pronunciation of Quevedo in Denmark, class #2

For those who remember what happened in Denmark around 1 year ago, watch the video. I’m sure you will realize Danish people are improving their pronunciation skills. For those who don’t remember, click here first to see class #1 of pronunciation. Only after READ MORE

Top 5 reasons why I fell in love with Africa

1. Children still know from where chickens and potatoes come from and what a real goat looks like 2. Nature is almost untouched with wild animals living just in the outskirts of towns and villages 3. Dancing with an African girl is a READ MORE

Drinking Port Wine in restaurants; margins too high?

While I was researching for consumer trends on the Port Wine industry, I found an interesting article on Restaurant Wine. The text is from 2005 and shows satisfying conclusions about Port Wine consumption, defending that Premium Tawny Ports were increasingly popular in the READ MORE

Things you shouldn't do while drinking

I found these cartoons in the beverage list of Joey, a restaurant by the Lake Union in Seattle, where I had a… beer… after a wine tasting of Austrian wines in Daniel’s. Have fun! Oscar

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