Coming up soon: The Mistery of the Harvest at Quevedo's Winery

A new movie debuting in São João da Pesqueira:

The plot was written long ago by Quevedo’s history. A collection of well known steps, improved every year, learning with the experience of the elders.

The set is fully prepared: a long shiny vineyard charged with bunches of beautiful red grapes. Douro glinting as backdrop.

The cast? Fifteen good friends of Quevedo’s family (and their wines). Men and women of good will filled with good intentions but not strong enough for this task. The real heroes are the workers that, at this time of the year, gather around the multiple vineyars that go along with Douro’s river. Wait to hear the story of their hard work.

Everything is prepared. We are just waiting to the director to scream a loudly “Action!”

(The review of this film will be written, in the next days, by one of the so called Unfit Fifteen. We are a bunch of city guys that every year (for the past six) travel to this beautiful country side to help Oscar Junior at the harvest. We’ll be back!)

2008 Vintage Meeting

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