Conclusions of an experiment of single varietal Port Wine

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We all know that Port Wine is about blending: different vineyards, pipes, vintages and off course, different varietals. All this with the purpose of having a more complex and harmonious blend. The vineyards of the Douro are planted, since many years ago with a different range of varietals, some well known but others barely recognized. In total we have 80+ varietals in the Douro.

Last harvest I defied my sister Cláudia to make a single varietal Port out of 5 different varietal blocks planted in our vineyards. Four of those varietals come from Quinta da Trovisca (Sousão, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz) while the other varietal – Tinto Cão – is planted in a terrace we have in Quinta Vale d’Agodinho. With the help of my friends from the University we dedicated a week-end to collect and tread these grapes. Funny time we had!

Now it is time to evaluate the experiment and to get some conclusions:

#1 – 9 months is nothing when we are talking about Port; any conclusion now is subject to further revision
#2 – Sousão is like that good friend we have far away but that we are sure he will go with us for the rest of our lives; he is not always present, but he’s there when we need him
#3 – Touriga Franca is the team-player, alone doesn’t stand out, but with some collaboration from the other players it organizes and gets the best of all of them
#4 – Touriga Nacional is the cherry on the top of the cake: the pastry could be excellent but the cherry makes it special
#5 – Tinta Roriz is like our mum, she gives us a little bit of all everything we need
#6 – Tinto Cão is like a Madam, likes to wear elegant flower dresses, but can catch a cold with any breeze of oxygen
#7 – No one of these single varietals is good enough to perform a show alone; but with some inspiration we could make a nice orchestra, which in some years may perform a great show
#8 – Blending is fun and you learn a lot; really…

Come over and make your blend!


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  1. Justin Roberts Tuesday May 11th, 2010 | reply
    I love your conclusions Oscar. Especially #6!

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