Farewell post to harvest 2010

Last basket of grapes from 2010 harvestWe are done! 34 days and 10 hours later, we harvested all of our vines. This is the photo of the last basket of grapes to be taken to the winery. The last vineyard to be collected was Pojares, a property in the family for long time. It is located in the top of our town, S. João da Pesqueira at around 650 meters above the sea level.

2010 harvest was a challenging year in the Douro valley for the winemakers. Due to a very cold Winter, maturity was very late, around 20 days behind the normal. The very hot and dry August blocked vines, and grape maturity almost stopped. At the beginning of the harvest sugar concentration was low, only increasing considerably in the last week, few days after the 2-d raining period, between October 8th and 9th. Weird and unusual, I must say…

Almost 300.000 liters after, and with ALL tanks, containers and barrels full (if you have an extra tank at your place, please contact us as we may need it to store some wine!!) it is now time to bottle Port and Oscar’s 2009 for Christmas season.

For all of you who visited us during the last weeks, thank you very much for coming, and next year please don’t forget your grape scissors! We will always need and enjoy your help, anywhere!


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