Hailstone 2 weeks before the harvest starts it is not what we in the Douro were asking for

Finally it rained in the Douro, but only in a small part of it. In our vineyards almost nothing, but in Alijó, which is in the north of S. João da Pesqueira/ Pinhão, it rained heavily. Actually, too much. Check this video from this morning and you will see the damage caused by hailstone to the grapes. Jump to the minute 18.47 and if you don’t understand Portuguese you can at least see the images.


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  1. Tom Archer Friday September 3rd, 2010 | reply
    Well, I don't speak Portuguese, but that grower at Alijo looked very unhappy.. Bad luck to get damage like that just before harvest. Have you heard from any of the nearer port quintas? Did any of them also suffer hail damage?
  2. Oscar Quevedo Sunday September 5th, 2010 | reply
    Hi Tom, I've been trying to get more information about the hail storm but it seems it was pretty localized. It rained in other villages/ quintas with no damages. Many people want to start harvesting by the middle of next week but the threat of rain on Wednesday and Thursday is making people confused. In any case, if it doen't rain we shall start next Thurday in Mós.

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