Harvesting white grapes for Port and Douro wine

We have been dedicating the last 48 hours, this is, this last week-end, to the harvesting of white grapes. Every year we spend a whole weekend only harvesting white grapes. This year the harvest started 16 days before the one last year as the ripening accelerated during August. In order to maintain the freshness and the flavor of the wine, we preferred to pick up the grapes before though the sugar is still slightly low.

In the last 4 years we have only made medium sweet Port out of the white grapes, but this year we decided to make Douro still white wine ad also a small quantity of Dry Port.

Finally  the weather in the Douro is cooling down, with the nights getting colder and windier. After some months without a drop, it rained this evening for an hour. This water was really welcomed and helped to dust the leaves and bunches. I hope it does not rain more for the next days as we will start harvesting Quinta Vale d’Agodinho tomorrow. We need some extra hands, anyone wants to join us?!?


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