Hey Santa Claus, there are 10 things you can bring me over

Christmas treeIt is Christmas time and as far as I know Santa Claus is already on his way to Linhares de Ansiães, the small village in the Douro valley, where my grandparents from my mom’s side were grown and where I will have the Christmas dinner. I don’t like to ask for anything, specially because I think we have more than enough stuff to live with and to make us happy. BUT, if I could choose what Santa Claus will bring me tonight, here is my list:

  • a big pot with one vine of Tinta Francisca and one vine of Pinot Noir, as I want to find if they are really the same varietal
  • a ticket to see the Uefa Champions League final between F.C. Porto and F.C.Barcelona
  • wizard hands to finish all the repair works at my parents’ house
  • that in 2010 the peaches from Trovisca come without worms
  • some rain during the months of April, May and June to help the new white vines we are planting growing strong and healthy
  • a pair of cycling boots to ride more efficiently up and down the valley
  • that 50% of all the friends that have told me they would come over in 2010 really show up
  • cold nights during the next year so I have a good excuse to drink more Port
  • no new roads or highways constructions in the Douro so its autenthecity can be maintained
  • and new snickers as it is not been easy to find some nice ones that fit in my feet!!!

And what about you? What are you asking to Santa Claus?


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  1. Andre Ribeirinho Friday December 25th, 2009 | reply
    That rain can fall everyday during the months of April, May and June I can believe it can happen. Now, FCPorto in the Champions final, that's just impossible. :) Happy new Wine Year!
  2. Manuel Antonio Simoes da Costa Sunday December 27th, 2009 | reply
    Os meus comprimentos Oscar.Iniciei a transformacao de uma pequenissima vinha há dois anos.Com as castas touriga nacional,tinta roriz.Estamos na epoca da poda,e pretendo fazer a formacao/conducao em cordao bilateral royat,poda a talao.As cepas encontran-se neste momento com tres vigorosos sarmentos cada.O meu dilema e se devo ou nao fazer ja esta epoca a formacao/empa dos bracos, e com quantos olhos/gemas por braco admisivel.Pois receio que possa enfraquecer as cepas.A sua opiniao e saber dos principais topicos.Aguardo por respostas.BOAS FESTAS PARA TODA A FAMILIA QUEVEDO
  3. Oscar Quevedo Monday December 28th, 2009 | reply
    Wait and see... maybe it will rain!
  4. Gerwin Thursday December 31st, 2009 | reply
    Hi Oscar, I don't know of course how many of your friends have told you they would come over, so I can't say how fast you will reach a 50% turn up, but we will be there coming may (provided no disasters etc happen)!! We all want ti wish you and your family / friends a verry Happy New Year!! :-)) Best regards, Gerwin, Sandra and family
  5. oscar Thursday December 31st, 2009 | reply
    Gerwin, great to know you are bringing Sandra and the family to the Douro. You all deserve to have a great time. I'll be here to make sure you will enjoy!
  6. daniela Tuesday November 2nd, 2010 | reply
    pai natal eu queria que medeses um telfone e uma maquina de fazer chocolate

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