Who Is Pedro – The guy that only drinked water now enjoys wine!

IMG_4117Hi, I’m Pedro, one of the resident bloggers. I entered into the blog and into the wine as I entered Óscar’s and his family’s friendship, almost without noticing it. And now, after some months speaking about water, wine and trips, I decided to speak about myself.

I’m lucky. Mostly because I believe that everything is gonna be all right.  I enjoy small practical tasks, because the results are immediate. Maybe that is why I decided to start up a company with some friends. I like to win and to lose and to draw. I’d like to be an artist. I enjoy gardening and, though it may seem absurd, maybe that is because the sun and the earth are free. And also because plants remind me the eternity.

I think that time is a bag where fits everything I want to do, and so I often have to postpone, arrive late and run. Fortunately, I’m a fast runner. And equally as quick at falling in love, but much slower, and I’m excessive slower at eating. I’m funny every once in a while, but I’m not a good story teller. I like writing and I don’t like collections; I think I should live with half of the things I have. And ten extra minutes in every hour.

I am happy because I adapt my dreams to what I eventually achieve; I think that that’s being smart. I like to dive in the cold sea. I enjoy hitch-hiking and meeting people I don’t know. Thanks to that, I started liking a menhir that lies in the middle of Brittany. I’m color-blind and I see life and people so often in happy colours. I think that I’m on my way to something very good, and that’s the unexplainable supernatural that I believe in.

Meanwhile, and thanks to Oscar, I started liking wine, both Port and table. Thanks!


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A water-drinker writing about wine? That’s me.

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