How to cook crayfish, recipe from Finland

Few days before the harvest start and with the whole crew busy preparing the winery for receiving the upcoming grapes, I was traveling to the north of Europe to visit our clients. Of course my dad and my sister did not find this very fun, but for me was important and I could not postpone this trip. And it actually was, as tastings were organized by our clients to show the wines to their customers.

Finland, which I visited for the first time, surprised me for all the smiles I saw on people’s face. Finish people are very kind and extremely nice, making you feel at home. And that was how I really felt all the three days I was there, between tastings, saunas and dives to the lake. And the food is delicious! Have you heard about crayfish? They are masters cooking it! Thomas hosted a dinner at his place where I had the chance to try this typical receipt of the Finnish cuisine. Though not being difficult to cook it, we made a video for you to see how tasteful they looked!