How to prepare the soil to plant grape vines

While ants work on warm months to store up food for winter, we work on winter expecting to collect grapes on summer. And now is that time of the year when we are working on the next crop. But in the case you will see today, we are also preparing many more crops to come. We are working the soil, making it arable so vines can live and be happy, while produce good grapes. Being this a not so recurrent moment and very important for our future, I want to share with you how we prepear the soil of Quinta da Trovisca for a new plantation of white grapes. So please play the video above.

On the video you can see a bulldozer pushing the soil. In this land, nothing was ever planted before. At the same time, an excavator is grabbing bigger rocks dropping it deep into the ditch so the roots of the vines won’t shock with big stones during the first years of their lives. New vines will be planted during the next weeks so stay in touch!


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