How well Danish people pronounce "Quevedo"?

Since a couple of months ago, we have our Port Wine available in Denmark. Although this is not a very big market for Port Wine, the Dannish have the tradition of drinking Port Wine as a desert wine or with the coffee. Moreover, they have a good knowladge of the different types of Port and some of them have even been in Porto.

I have been spending this week making wine tastings in different places of the country. It is my first time in Denmark and I am having a great time. The interesting part of the trip occurred yesterday in Oksbøl (a small town in the West of Denmark), where took place a wine tasting of American and Port wines for the members of the local wine club.

There were 100 hundred people at the room when I challenged them to pronounce my last name, Quevedo, loud with lot of emotion.  You can´t imagine how happy I felt when I hear them pronouncing it correctly. Yes, Quevedo can! I was almost in tears. Here is the video made by Elizabeth Rice of DFV Wines.

Dan, the very nice manager of the local supermarket Super Brugsen, gave a bottle of our White Port for the person who could better pronounce Quevedo. I´ll soon post his photo. I got it, here is the photo of Karsten Hjorth Soerensen.

winner of a Quevedo White Port

Thank you Dan and Colin (Head of West Denmark Tourism) for organizing of the tasting.


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  1. Miguel Wednesday August 26th, 2009 | reply
    Well.. I'm kind of becoming a fan of your posts! So, keep them coming. I wish you plenty of success! Abraço, Miguel
  2. John Elmer Sørensen/Formand Saturday August 29th, 2009 | reply
    Hej Oscar. Jeg vil som formand for SuperBrugsen Oksbøl gerne sige dig Mange Tak for en dejlig aften sammen med dig og vores mange fremmødte medlemmer af vinklubben i Oksbøl. Det var meget inspirende at høre dig fortælle om din familie og jeres produktion af Portvine som smagte fortrindelig. Vinklubbens medlemmer har givet bestyrelsen nogle gode tilbagemeldinger om vores arrangement sammen med dig og Elisabeth Rice. Arrangementet vil blive huske langt ind i fremtiden.Hils din familie og vi ønsker jer god vind i fremtiden, som vi siger på dansk når noget er super godt,med jeres produktion
  3. oscar Saturday August 29th, 2009 | reply
    John, thank you very much for your nice comment. It was a big big pleasure to meet you and the members of the wine club in Oksbøl. The tastings will remain in my heart. I want to come back next year! Here is the google translation in English. Not sure if it's very accurate!! "Hello Oscar. I will as President of SuperBrugsen Oksbøl like to say Thank you Thank you for a lovely evening with you and our many in attendance members of wine clubs in Oksbøl. It was very inspiring to hear you tell about your family and your production of Port wines tasted excellent degree. Wine clubs board members have given some good feedback on our event with you and Elizabeth Rice. The event will be remembered far into fremtiden.Hils your family and we wish you good wind in the future, as we say in Danish, when something is super good, with your production"
  4. Karsten Hjorth-Sørensen Monday August 31st, 2009 | reply
    Thank you very much for the nice bottle of port I won for pronouncing your name almost right. Also, thank you for a great evening with interesting presentations. I love a nice glas of port as much as the next guy, and I have during the past twenty years almost every year received bottles of port for my birthday from friends and family. With kind regards, Karsten Hjorth-Sørensen PS. I hope to see you at the wine club again one day.
  5. michael grisley Wednesday September 2nd, 2009 | reply
    Oscar, I hope you enjoyed Denmark, the people there are fantastic!! My grandmother is from Copenhagen, so hopefully next time I go back to visit family I can enjoy a Quevedo port while I'm there!! Cheers, Michael
  6. oscar Wednesday September 2nd, 2009 | reply
    I hope you can Michael. There are some places where you can find our Ports in Copenhagen! Oscar
  7. oscarlevanocu Saturday January 8th, 2011 | reply
    enfim... palhaçada tuga. por que raio oscar desces assim de nível... ?

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