In Porto, Art & Culture Should Go With Port Wine, Not With Whisky

a BAixa do Porto

a Baixa do Porto

The Miguel Bombarda Street, in the center of city of Porto, is known by its high concentration of art galleries. Gradually, during last decade, houses and old shops were remodeled into areas dedicated to the art. But just lately some effort has been put in the promotion and  advertising of this space. A sign of those changes comes by the hand of the City Hall, allocating the reconstruction of the street. The works have already begun, including the transformation of part of the street into a pedestrian crossing.

Some new exhibitions  have been inaugurated and in order to increase their impact on the public, all the galleries organized and synchronized their exhibitions calendars, which they change every two months. It has been such a great success that these exhibitions are standing out in the daily culture of the city. There are new shows, street activities, all surrounded by a nice and fun atmosphere. To support the promotion of these activities, there are two sponsors: Porto Lazer and the whisky producer The Famous Grouse, associating their brands with the most cosmopolitan side of the city.

Wouldn’t this be an excellent opportunity to promote the Port Wine in the city which has its name? At least because Miguel Bombarda Street is very close from the Solar do Vinho do Porto and also from the Museu do Vinho do Porto. Indeed, considering all the impact that these exhibitions  have on tourists and on young adults of the city, potential Port Wine consumers, this would be an excellent opportunity to promote the wines between them.

I think it would make sense that the Instituto do Vinho do Douro e Porto supported these street activities, where the relationship between the consumer and the Port could be enhanced. Port Wine would be associated to the art, nice moments, young people and tourists.

I hope soon Porto, city and spirit, find each other again for a perfect port and art pairing.

Bruno Pinto

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