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At its most basic level, wine tastings are a fun experience. We check out the wine’s color, smell its bouquet, and most importantly, we taste the wine. Universally, this is accepted as the essential steps of tasting; but the irony is, we all have different sensations, feelings and experiences towards each and every wine. Some find blackberries where others are thinking about plums; some describe a wine as mineral and others say it’s earthy. And does the alcohol affect your month in the say way it affects mine? And acidity, are your taste buds more sensitive than mine?

We interpret the winemaker’s masterpiece in different ways, which logically, allows each and every one of us to discern what we enjoy and what we’d rather dump down our kitchen sink. Even the same wine, tasted by different people, can receive widely different reactions.

And so the story goes with our Quevedo Vintage Port 2007, recently tasted by Jay Miller of the Wine Advocate. Jay tasted a large cross-section of the 2007 Vintage currently in the US market, scoring our Port at 88 points. On the other hand, Wine Enthusiast, another American wine magazine, rated it at 92 points, while Roy Hersh, considered by some as the top Port wine expert in the US, gave it a 93/95+.

So I was wondering, what qualifies as an 88 point Port wine for Wine Advocate? Here are some examples:

  • Graham Vintage Port 1966
  • Taylor Vintage Port 1966
  • Fonseca Vintage Port 1966
  • Croft Vintage Port 1977
  • Dow Vintage Port 1980
  • Warre Vintage Port 1980
  • Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port 1991

We’re pretty happy to be in the company of such fine wines. Critics and points are nice, but what matters more to us is what you our customer think of this wine. Therefore, we invite you to visit our winery to share a glass of our Vintage 2007 with our family; or if you stumble across our wine in another part of the world, please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts here.

But better yet, tell us what you think a point tastes like? What do points mean to you? How do they shape your experience with the wines that you love! We want to know!


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  1. michael grisley Tuesday March 9th, 2010 | reply
    Great post Oscar! I haven't been lucky enough to taste the Vintage 2007, but I have a feeling it might be soon. I know of "an importer" who may have been able to make your products available in the US, so I'll let you know when I taste it! Anyway, great point on the scores for the 2007, what a range- 88, 92, 93/95+.......it obviously speaks of the quality and dedication you are putting into your products. While I don't doubt any of the tasters palates, I think one thing to keep in mind are the other wines and countries that they are also tasting and reviewing. I know Jay Miller reviews wines from Spain, South America, Australia, Oregon and Washington along with vintage Ports. Does this make his palate more "in tune" with ports as he isn't being inundated with tasting ports, or is it the opposite and his palate is "out of tune" as he isn't giving ports his full attention? I have no idea which one it is and it could be debated forever without a solution, but it just goes to show that all ratings from all reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. I am a bit torn as an importer because we need scores on the wines we represent to help bolster sales, but at the same time when I drink wine at a restaurant or at home with friends and family, we never "rate" wines with a score. We will certainly discuss the qualities of the wine and make the decision if we like it or not, but we're usually too busy cooking, dancing, and running after children to put a number on a wine!!
  2. Andy Velebil Friday March 19th, 2010 | reply
    Having had your 2007 VP on a few occasions now my scores have always been in the 93-96 point range and that included the early samples. So 88 points is IMO way too low of a score.
  3. Oscar Quevedo Sunday March 21st, 2010 | reply
    Thank you Andy, glad to know that YOU think our 07 is worth some extra points!

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