Life on the Douro in the Douro Film Harvest

The 2011 edition of the Douro Film Harvest, which starts today on September 5th, is the festival elected by Zev Robinson to present his newest documentary already mentioned on this blog for a couple of times, Life on the Douro. Zev started shooting for the film over one year ago, which at that time would have a different focus. The premiere of Life on the Douro is reserved for September 6th in Vidago Palace. If you are around, I strongly suggest you that you do not miss this opportunity, as this is going to be a great event. I’ll be there so if you have any question you know where the bell is.

You can pre-order the DVD, shipping included, until September 13, as well as tickets to the premiere –

For now you can enjoy the last trailer Zev released few weeks.


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  1. Gerwin de Graaf Tuesday September 6th, 2011 | reply
    Hi Oscar, I just pre-ordered Zev's documentary. I can remember him filming at Quevedo's when e were there last year. I wonder if we (during our tasting with you at the winery) made the cut and are in the film :-) ! Best regards, Gerwin
    • Oscar Thursday September 8th, 2011 | reply
      Sorry Gerwin, but you don't show up... you can complain to Zev! But I'm sure you will like the film, it's excellent!

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