Life on the Douro part 2, by Zev Robinson

Zev Robinson is back with Life on the Douro, part 2. After spending one week in the Douro and Porto last February during the Explorers Tour of Roy Hersh, Zev is now presenting us the second part of his project on the Douro and Port Wine culture. In this second part, Zev focused on interviewing many others Port Wine producers. Now he is working on putting together all the content that he collect during the last year, to release the final documentary in September. If I’m not wrong, he visited the Douro for four times in 12 months, in Spring, Summer, Fall/ harvest and Winter. I remind you that you can see the part 1 of Life on the Douro here.

Today, June 10th, Zev Robinson’s film “Dinastia Vivanco: Giving back to wine what wine has given us” screens in San Francisco. Take a look at the preview of Dinastia Vivanco on-line. It is well worth to know the story of this family.


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  1. Jeff Wednesday June 22nd, 2011 | reply
    Congratulations!  Side question:  When your tawnies/colheitas are stored in barrels, are they neutral barrels or do they have a fresh toast on them? 
    • Oscar Quevedo Wednesday June 22nd, 2011 | reply
      Hi Jeff, we always use old neutral barrels. For Port Wine what is important is the slow oxidation that the oak barrels give to the Port, not the toast, smoky flavors originated from new barrels.

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