Moon and Wine, Myth or Reality!?!

Even when we do not see it, it is somewhere up there and its gravity, as we all know, creates the tides on our blue planet. The Moon, the lonely satellite of planet Earth has always been captivating humans throughout history. Some believe it can influence our behaviors and even the growth of life.

What about wine? Biodynamic followers in viticulture and winemaking are growing rapidly. Part of the concept is to use the moon calendar when it is time to make important decisions like treatments in the vineyard, picking the fruits, racking or bottling the wine.

Some firmly believe the Moon phase has an impact on the quality of the fruit, the growth of the plant, the quality and expression of the wine or the sediments in suspension within the barrels. While some believers argue and disagree on many aspects, science is more on the side of the myth to the exception of the moonlight impact during night activities. Did you know the Moon reflects 30% of the sunlight it receives!?

It is not easy to take side on this. One day you think this is crazy then another day you meet someone with so many convincing stories that you want to believe into it. Maybe one day we’ll have the knowledge and the tools to understand exactly what is going on… or not!

In the meantime I can share with you one of our Moon stories. In 2016 we did our first experience to produce an orange wine(skin contact white wine). After 6 days in the tank, it did not ferment and I was getting worried. My friend Simon Woolf who was helping me in this project told me ‘’You’ll see, today it is the full moon and it will start fermenting’’. After dinner, we went to the winery to decide what we’ll do with the wine, guess what!? It was finally fermenting. We had to call the wine Moon Lagar.

One thing is sure though, organic, biodynamic or common sense, if you take care of Mother Earth, you get the quality of fruit you deserve.

I invite you to read Simon’s website with current news on wild and wonderful wines :
If you are curious, this website debuks or debate on some of the myths around the world of wines :

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