My 12 weather wishes for 2012

Pink sky in Barcelona1. 2012 should start with 5cm of snow in January, painting everything of white

2. a very cold February, to help wines to clarify

3. sunshiny March so blooming almond trees will look gorgeous

4. rainy April, creating enough reserves of water in the soil for the hot and dry Summer

5. warm and dry May free of diseases which so much affected our production in 2011

6. good weather for at least one day of June, the St. John day, June 24th for a dry rabelo’s regata in the Douro river

7. hot and dry July wherever I go for holidays

8. a couple of days of rain in August to re-hydrate vines

9. clear and warm September for a dry and happy harvest

10. foggy and cold October will help out on the ripeness of our olives

11. warm first week of November so the cheastnuts will taste better with the new wine on St. Martins day (Nov 11th)

12. anything for December is okay, as long as we feel happy for the last 11 months


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  1. Jeff Sunday January 1st, 2012 | reply
    Don't forgot to swing by NY for a tasting!
    • Oscar Monday January 2nd, 2012 | reply
      Can't miss it this year... maybe in June! But keep you posted!

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