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Quevedo Azeite Virgem Extra

The organic farmed olives trees are located in Valongo dos Azeites, which in English means “Long Valley of the Olive Oil” – which better name could the village have?!? Valongo dos Azeites is located 14km south from S. João da Pesqueira. This is the place where our ancestors were based, several decades ago. In total Quevedo has 25 hectares of olive trees most of them planted over 50 years ago. In total our groves comprise 4.000 olive trees, producing around 5.000 liters of olive oil. We are very happy with the organic project. It is true that organic production consumes more time and resources as if cultivated in a conventional way, but in the end we maintain a diversity of weeds, insects and small animals that if we used herbicides would not survive.