Pairing Port, how easy?

A lot has been spoken about pairing wine and food. In the internet there are a lot of websites that seek to offer the best suggestions about the perfect pair between a wine and a good dish. The final purpose is always to relish both wine and food in its fullness.

I invite you to visit the site Food & Wine Pairing. There you can select the dish you want to pair the wine with, and they will tell you the best varietals that the wine should has. In other site, from the famous wine writer Natalie McLean, you can find and learn how to pair each dish with the perfect wine. These not so small details can make the difference in a dinner that would be just ok or regular.

Port Wine is usually associated with aperitifs and desserts like chocolate or cheese. These are common and delicious combinations.

But even seeming evident these match, to make the best use of it, is still necessary to put together the right type of Port with the chocolate or cheese to taste.

For instance, if the cheese to be served is more intense or hard cheese, the option should be a Tawny type, preferably aged in wood for many years. If you choose a soft cheese with medium intensity, so you should pair it with a Ruby type, such as a Reserve Ruby or a LBV.

Is Port just a good marriage with desserts, cheeses or nuts? Aren’t we being too conservatives regarding the way that a Port should be paired? Are there better combinations than the ones we show above? How daring are you?

In the next post I will try to give you some suggestion that I hope can surprise you and whet one’s appetite!

Till then,

Bruno Pinto

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  1. Paulo Alves Friday September 3rd, 2010 | reply
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