Pairing Quevedo Rose Port and Nespresso Leggero

During the last week-end in the Porto & Douro Wine Show, which took place in Lisbon, there was something that caught my attention: Port and coffee parings! Great experience to have a sip of Nespresso Leggero coffee, followed by a sip of our Rose Port and then enjoy the tasting of this blend in your month! It is worth to try, specially for those who are more liberal regarding the way Port should be drunk.

I made a video showing my experience and I also asked Rodolfo Tristão, Coffee Sommelier of Nespresso presenting live this idea. Take a look and leave your comments!


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  1. Jeff Sunday December 6th, 2009 | reply
    I've always wondered if the wine maker would get offended that people would pair the wine they intended to be enjoyed with something else? But I can imagine for some everyday ports it might make a good cocktail mix with say club soda or some fruit juices.
  2. Oscar Monday December 7th, 2009 | reply
    Jeff, as you say, it does not really bother me to know people are using our everyday Port in a cocktail or pairing with coffee. And honestly, I enjoyed this specific pairing!

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