People from the Douro say, and believe…

Quinta Senhora Rosário

A couple of weeks ago, my sister, Cláudia, came across old texts about the Douro, written by Portuguese writers. I think it is worth to share it:

“People from the Douro say, and believe, that they have the best cabbage in Portugal, the best wine in the world, bread like no one still makes it, smoked meat as nobody ever made. It’s their life, so why wouldn’t it be the best! At least, it helps to hide the poverty.”

Um retrato do Douro

“The Douro is, in the tiny map we were endowed with, the only immeasurable evidence with which we can amaze the world.”

Miguel Torga

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  1. J Roberts Wednesday November 17th, 2010 | reply
    How else would you make caldo verde without the best cabbage in the world?!

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