It is a long and uncertain road from the selection of the land up to the glass of wine at home or in a table of a restaurant. Due to the family tradition of wine production, the first part was not a problem: our family already had much experience in the cultivation and winemaking of the grapes. What were missing was the marketing, selling the bottled wine it produced; and many years had gone when it finally was possible. Maybe it was our great grandfather Raul`s phrase what fed these concerns: “Table wine (not port) just brings consumption”.

Some more steps were needed to close the cycle with which our father dreamt about: “From the vine to the glass”. Historically, Port marketing has been directed to a consumer with more than 50 years old, and all the communication was coherent with this profile. But on the other hand, the thirty years-old consumer has been forgotten and Quevedo wanted to find him.

So it was needed to create a brand suitable for the wines we produce and for the customer we want to communicate with. A genuine wine made for modern customers, who drink Port naturally and relaxed: actually an “easy-drinking” Port.

At the end it was easier than it seamed; after all the product was genuine and the one who tasted it felt in love with the Quevedo’s nectar. And it is in this genuineness of our wines that Quevedo’s success stands.

And if the customer wants to drink our Port at 12º C, with ice or even White Port with soda, we will not say no. On the contrary, because if there is Port for all occasions, Quevedo just has to figure them out!

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