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Color Changing in Quinta Vale D'Agodinho

Hello, I am Cláudia Quevedo and I want to talk to you about the color change of the grapes. This phase is a beautiful moment for both, vines and farmers. The vineyards become all coloured- from the green of the leaves to the blackish of the grapes- and farmers feel closer the hustle and bustle of the harvest. Therefore, all the preparations must be done so that when the magic moment arrives, all is ready.

Here in  the Quevedo vines, the color change arrived a couple of weeks ago to the following vineyards: Vale D’Agodinho, Alegria and Olgas. Quinta da Trovisca, which is a little bit higher than the others is starting to get colour, especially the castes Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional. The Tinta Roriz is a little bit delayed and the Sousão, which is always late, starts to show its first coloured berries.

Regarding the upper vineyards, close to the winery in S. João da Pesqueira, the colour change it is starting to show up.

This year, in general the maturation process is a little bit delayed. Our prevision is to start the harvest the first days of September, depending on the temperatures in the vineyards near the Douro river. Anyway, we will start this week to check the maturation levels of the berries, that will end with the harvest.

In the winery we are already preparing the equipment for the great moment: now we are washing and disinfecting the cubes, vats, tanks, pumps, mix pumps, the crusher, de-stemmer, press, filters, etc. Everything must shine and work perfectly for the harvest so next week we are going to check every single machine in the winery.

While we are getting everything ready to receive the little princesses of the Douro, the vines are also preparing themselves to give excellent wines. For now, the weather is on our side and we hope it stays like this until the great moment.

Cláudia Quevedo

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