Proper Glass for Port

We are often asked what is a good glass to drink Port from. Here are a few tips to choose the perfect glass.

Port wine should be considered more like wine, less like a spirit. You want a glass with a shape that can create a chimney, meaning the base should be slightly larger than the top. This allows the aromas to concentrate. You don’t want the glass to be too wide nor too tall in order to allow the alcohol to be present in the perfect amount.

When you serve your Port wine, don’t fill the glass more than 1/3. This enables you and your friends to swirl and smell/taste properly your Port.
Ideally hold it by the stem or base of the glass. This way, you’ll keep enjoying its beautiful color and you won’t warm it too fast.
This means the first 3 glasses are too small and too full, unfortunately we still see too much Port served like this, while the 4 other glasses have the proper shape, size and serving.

port glass