Prowein – Taste Quevedo's Wines and Participate in the Wine Bloggers Dinner

If you live in Dusseldorf, Germany or in the surrounding area, there will be an opportunity to taste Quevedo Port and Douro wines. From 28th to 30th of March will take place in this European city the annual wine fair Prowein. If you plan to go, please, give us the pleasure to meet you. Cláudia and I will be there and we want to know you. We will be in the hall 6, stand h30,  in the area of IVDP – Port and Douro Wine Institute.

And while twittering with my friend Thomas Lippert from Winzerblog, we decided to set up a wine bloggers’ dinner for Sunday March 28th at 7pm. Let us know if you can attend!

Oscar Quevedo

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  1. michael grisley Thursday February 19th, 2009 | reply
    I wish I could attend Oscar, but at least we'll be seeing each other at the winery in May. I look forward to touring the property, and of course tasting some ports!! Also, I believe a French producer we are importing from might stop by your booth, I told him to try some of your wines... Cheers, Michael
  2. Oscar Quevedo Friday February 20th, 2009 | reply
    Michael, we will taste much more wine at the winery than we could taste at Prowein. And we will have fun!! Looking forward to meet your French producer, hope he can stop by. Oscar
  3. Carrie Jorgensen Sunday February 22nd, 2009 | reply
    Hans and I will be at Prowein on Sunday and Monday. The Cortes de Cima stand will as always, be in the Alentejan group area. I very much look forward to meeting up with you and Claudia finally, although, I must admit, i do feel like I know you already through following your excellent blog! It's a pity we can't join in on the Sunday night fun, but our German importer VIF already have something planned for us that night! bis Dusseldorf!
  4. Mariëlla Monday February 23rd, 2009 | reply
    Oscar, do you know anything about the admittance policy? Bloggers do not have access to Prowein as bloggers, only as employees of the wine trade. And if you do not work in the wine trade or don't have a press badge, you do not enter Prowein, alas! I experienced this two years ago, and had to talk a lot to get in. I only managed because I had an invitation from a import firm, but the guy at the entrance almost send me back to Holland...
  5. Carrie Jorgensen Monday February 23rd, 2009 | reply
    Mariella, You are absolutely right. As an old Prowein hand, I can confirm that this is strictly a trade event, and in true Germanic fashion, no comprises! Carrie
  6. Oscar Quevedo Monday February 23rd, 2009 | reply
    Carrie, finally we will meet you!!! We need to go to Dusseldorf to have our first off-line conversation!! What a shame you cannot attend to the bloggers dinner... Mariëlla, it seems independent bloggers won't get a press accreditation. Prowein just considers press those people writing for printed newspapers or magazines. Hope next edition they include independent bloggers in the press group!
  7. Carrie Jorgensen Monday February 23rd, 2009 | reply
    Oscar, there is an even easier way to meet! Our winemaking team will be in force showing our wines in Oporto for the Essência do Vinho on March 5-8th. Unlike Prowein, this is of course, a consumer's event. Perhaps we will meet there? Carrie

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