Can you find the rabbit?

A maioria dos animais gosta de se alimentar ao amanhecer. Era o que este coelho estava a fazer. Onde é que ele está? Grande ajuda: no caminho principal!


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  1. andy velebil 07 07UTC Abril 07UTC 2010 | reply
    Were you wine tasting a little to early ;) lol Ok, here's my guess...If you look at the main steps in the picture (next to the barrel) then go to the first landing. There are what looks like wood stakes sticking up. I'd say the rabbit is between the far left stake and what looks like a tree to it's left. But the rabbit is closer to the left side tree. Andy V.
  2. oscar 08 08UTC Abril 08UTC 2010 | reply
    Early wine tastings make you see strange things...!

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