Do you want to hear our white wine fermenting?

O nosso vinho branco começou a fermentar esta manha. Tem cerca de 12% de álcool provável e deve precisar de uns três ou quatro dias para terminara fermentação. A Cláudia diz que tem um intenso aroma a pêssego. Para mim é mais melão. Veja cá e ajude-nos a descobrir!


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  1. home wine making 20 20UTC Setembro 20UTC 2009 | reply
    If only I had a large container like that..... :) Let us know how it tastes when it's done!
  2. Andy Velebil 20 20UTC Setembro 20UTC 2009 | reply
    Oscar, How's the vintage coming along these past few days? Have you gotten any rain at your Quinta's?
  3. Oscar Quevedo 22 22UTC Setembro 22UTC 2009 | reply
    Hy Andy! No rain during the last days, the temperatures went down a lot, mainly overnight. We have finished the harvest at Quinta Vale d'Agodinho yesterday and we are harvesting today in the vineyards close to the winery.
  4. Oscar Quevedo 22 22UTC Setembro 22UTC 2009 | reply
    Home wine making, Smaller containers are better to make great wines!
  5. Bonnie 23 23UTC Setembro 23UTC 2009 | reply
    I found this light and crisp white wine, from portugal, and thought i’d pass it along to you. Its called JM Fonseca Twin Vines. They actually have a sweepstakes they’re doing for a trip to Portugal to see this amazing singer, Ana Free. The link is below:

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