Quevedo 1996 Colheita wins gold medal at the Mundus Vini and Palate Press Awards

First let me say that we don’t like to brag, but our Quevedo 1996 Colheita has been popular on the wine competitions, being awarded both in Europe and in the US. Thus, we thought we should share this with you. First was Mundus Vini that in September awarded it with a gold medal in their annual event. Then, in November, in the Fifth Annual Palate Press Grand Tasting it received another Gold Medal. It really looks like this 1996 is a gold conquer! If you want to read the tasting reviews, which are quite interesting to see how they evaluated the Port, please click on Quevedo Colheita 1996 gold medal on Mudus Vini and Palate Press. If during the next months you see our bottles of 1996 Colheita with a award sticker on it you know where is it coming from. We have been discussing with friends if the consumer is more tempted to buy wines that have a medal sticker on the bottle. It is time to test and if you want to know the results emails us is 6 moths.

Practical information that you may want to know: we have just finished to bottle what is the last batch of this first edition of 1996 Colheita (we made three bottlings between 2010 and 2013). The remaining volume we have, a bit more than 10.000 liters, will remain aging in oak pipes and in tonel for the next decades, before we touch it again and put it in bottle.



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