Quevedo in France

DSC07064Hello again, it is the ex-water-drinker. I am just departing for two adventure weeks in France, hitch-hiking in a truck to arrive tomorrow in Bordeaux, where people are waiting for me. I chose Bordeaux as the first stop for its reputation as a wine region, almost like the French Douro. I’m staying at a couple of couchsurfers  that are professionally related to winemaking, and I’m looking forward to learning from them the secrets of Bordeaux wine.

But I’m not going alone, and as a Quevedo ambassador I’m taking in my backpack a bottle of Vintage 2005 to offer a tasting to my hosts; this bottle belongs to an exclusive series of bottles that were numbered and signed by Cláudia, our winemaker, and was offered by Óscar Jr. for special occasions; I wonder if there’s a better moment to open it than the visit to some friends that share our passion for vines and wine!

Soon I’ll tell you how the trip is going, as well as what did Pam and Denis say about our Vintage.

Till then,


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