Quevedo Present in the Wine Tasting for the London Bloggers Christmas Meeting

The 9th of December was a different day for Quevedo, and a little bit special! During the Christmas networking meetup of the group London Bloggers, took place a wine tasting from winery bloggers for bloggers. These bloggers are from different industries, such as marketing, IT, events, photography, travel, etc. The wineries with wines for tasting were: Dinastia Vivanco, La Casa de las Vides, Fernando de Castilla and Sta. Quitéria (Spain); Weingut Clauer (Germany); Poggio Argentiera (Italy); Cortes de Cima and Quevedo (Portugal).

All this wine tasting was masterly organized by Robert McIntoch, from Wine Conversation. Quevedo was just represent by its wine, the Porto Quevedo Reserve Ruby. No one of us could attend to this meeting, though we would loved to have been there. Please check our Press Release, for more information about the tasting.

Ah, and this is the video we prepared for the tasting, made in Quinta Vale D’Agodinho, the main vineyard from Quevedo, while we were pruning the vines.

Oscar Quevedo

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  1. José Eduardo Thursday December 11th, 2008 | reply
    Congratulations on another task well done Oscar! I really hope that we can make a difference and from the echos I'm receiving we are starting to make some waves. Cheers!

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